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Speaking of customer experience... Français, Deutsch, English?

Dernière mise à jour : 4 févr. 2020

Here I go, I have just added a "blog" section to my website. As a marketer, I know that producing quality content is the first step towards new customers.

But now I have to decide to write my blog in one language only. The platform on which I made my website, does not allow me to add the same post in a second language. That is to say that I can't put a post in French on the French version of the site and a post in German on the German version of the site.

Thought Nr. 1

What is the least worst experience for my readers, writing the post in a language, French or German, that the other half of the visitors won't understand, or writing it in English, hoping that most of them will understand it and will forgive me for this affront to national (and European - dixit Brexit) languages. I chose English (thank you DeepL for helping me save time).

Thought Nr. 2

If I follow my logic of customer-centric strategy, the absence of this functionality leads me to consider several possibilities:

1. Customers managing sites in several languages are not their core target, they do not know their specific needs,

2. The website builder knows the needs of these customers but this group is not valuable enough to address their specific needs,

3. Client satisfaction is not a central element of their strategy,

4. The website builder does not have a system in place to systematically harvest the unmet needs of their customers, the product development process is not driven by customer needs,

5. The website builder is growing so fast that they don't know what to think about the thousands of new requests they receive.

What do you think?

Given that the platform I chose is still evaluated as the N°1 website builder (but is this an objective evaluation? today we never know), with currently more than 130 million users, I'll go for the N°1 and 2. Their target group is small companies and most of the small companies in the world that use this provider operate on a national territory that only speaks one language. That is the big market. So it's all logical.

Switzerland is rich (in culture), but complicated to do marketing for small businesses!

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